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John, the owner of Whips and Sticks has been making BSDM Impact toys for over 10 years. Constantly experimenting and adjusting the entire process to ensure the perfect product is achieved.

We like to make interesting items that we would like to use. Be that a light stingy flogger for close up impact play or a heavy thuddy flogger to swing from a distance.

We are currently working on new designs for canes and sticks and hope to bring these to LAMchester and Play Club soon.

We choose our materials carefully and finish them to a standard we would like to use ourselves. Currently we discard about 70% of the rattan we buy for canes. (though they do make good paint stirring sticks).

We are currently working on introducing bats to our collection so keep an eye out.

If you've bought something from us or would just like to keep in touch please add us as a friend. Also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife for more regular updates.

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