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Extended information about our products

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All of our floggers are made with hardwood handles. The handles are designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind and our ever-improving finishing process highlights this. We keep a slightly ridiculous amount of leather in stock to ensure we always have a good variety to pair with our handles. We have also recently began experimenting with staining our handles different colours and trying new materials as a vegan-friendly alternative to leather. All floggers we make, no matter the size come with a brass ferrule and hanging loop to ensure your flogger can always be stored properly.


All of our bats are made from hardwood. They contain a brass weight in the end so you can achieve a deep thuddy impact without much effort. We are experimental with our finishes on all of the bats. They can range from a matte distressed finish to a high-gloss, glass like finish.


The canes we generally stock are made from either Tohiti, Manau or Kooboo Rattan. Tohita is generally more supple and whippy, whereas Manau is more robust. However, we don’t really differentiate between the types on our listings as we don’t think its is always the most accurate way to describe the individual cane. However, we will always explicitly mention if the item is Dragon Cane. We discard approximately 70% of the Rattan that is supplied to as we have extremely high standards for what we consider ‘fit-for-purpose’. This may see alarmingly wasteful, but we ensure that all unusable Rattan is properly recycled.

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