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Please note: you must pre-purchase a ticket to attend this event.

About Play Club

Play Club came about from our desire to create a welcoming space for players to indulge in BDSM scenes, share ideas, demo skills and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned veteran Play Club @ Manchester Chambers is a great place to play. will be on the door to greet you as you arrive. NoiseUK will be showing you around the venue and keeping an eye on things for the evening. If you have any questions about the rules before the event please message one of us or the Play Club profile.

However, you may find the answers to some of your more general questions in our FAQ which we suggest anyone who hasn't attended Play Club before or those who haven't for a while to have a read through.

We have a selection of kit you may borrow to try. There is a range of floggers and other impact toys, some rope, safety scissors, cuffs and electrics using tens pads, feel free to bring your own internal electrodes. Please speak to NoiseUK if you would like to use any of the kit so he can explain how to use it safely.

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